Shore Educational Collaborative

Adult Services

Vocational Services

Shore’s vocational services are as varied as its employees. Some people are just beginning to learn work skills and professional habits at our program sites while others are looking for community employment. The most common theme is that people work as independently as possible. If that means that "production rates" are low, that’s ok with us. No one is excluded from working because they are too slow or need too much help.

Generally, individuals who work at Shore do so for only a portion of their time. The other part of their time is spent in day habilitation activities. We have found that this variety has increased satisfaction and enabled people to explore their full range of interests. For example, someone employed in the community for a few days a week, may also sign up for an exercise group or volunteer his time at a nursing home on his “off days”.


“There can be no joy equal to the joy of finding a heart that understands.”

Victor Robinson