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The SECF Inc. Mission

SECF - Shore Educational Collaborative Foundation

Shore Educational Collaborative Foundation (SECF, Inc.)is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization which supports the 1975 Massachusetts chartered Shore Educational Collaborative by providing financial assistance to support programming and services for the special needs population of learning and developmentally challenged youth and developmentally disabled adults.

SECF, Inc. will support
Special Education Student Services that provides substantially separate and integrated Massachusetts Chapter 766 and federal Individuals with Disabilities Act "free appropriate public education (FAPE)" special needs programming and specialized services for approximately 150 youth ages 3-22 with the ultimate goal of each student reaching potential and returning to a district-based, inclusive educational environment.
Adult Day Habilitation Services
for approximately 275 developmentally disabled adults, many with intense physical, medical and behavioral needs. Adults ranging in age from 22 through their golden years are provided individual vocational and educational opportunities and therapeutic experiences to help each develop personal function level skills that can be transferred to home, work and/or community settings. The Adult Division receives admission referrals from various sources, including the Massachusetts Department of Mental Retardation.

SECF, Inc. will benefit Shore Educational Collaborative youth and adults with programs, goods and services to

  • Improve individual quality of life;
  • Increase personal independence;
  • Develop individually appropriate work skills and productive work experiences;
  • Successfully meet individual educational and positive life enriching milestones;
  • Sustain individual dignity and self worth as accepted, valued and productive members of their families, communities and society;
  • Enhance educational opportunities within Shore Educational Collaborative, and between Shore and its member districts and/or other district, regional and state education and human services organizations.

SECF, Inc. funds will be utilized and disbursed according to IRS regulations and will support, but are not limited to, these major initiatives

  • Expansion and improvement of existing Shore Educational Collaborative programs and services for learning and developmentally challenged youth and developmentally disabled adults
  • Accessibility and access projects for developmentally disabled and challenged
  • Adaptive and instructional technology for educational and quality of life personal improvement
  • Assistive and adaptive equipment for physical and occupational therapy
  • Instructional texts, library books and educational materials
  • Mini-Grants for instructional, program and service delivery improvement
  • Staff development for instructional, therapeutic, care giving and other personnel
  • Supplemental programming and services, i.e.: after school and out of school programming for youth, recreational programs for day habilitation adults
  • Vocational/Occupational training programs, equipment, supplies and placement initiatives for youth and adults
  • Foundation administration and fundraising activities

Your support of the Foundation and our efforts to serve Shore clients is needed and much appreciated. Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to the Shore Collaborative Foundation today, and join the many Friends of Shore who make a real difference to students and adults alike. Your tax-deductible contribution should be made out to: Shore Educational Collaborative Foundation, Inc. and mailed to:

SEC Foundation
100 Revere Beach Parkway
Chelsea, MA 02150