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EagleEyes System donated to Shore.

Wakefield Observer, Wakefield MA, May 8, 2007

The Shore Educational Collaborative program, located at 2 Audubon Road, will accept a donation of an EagleEyes Technology language system from the Opportunity Foundation of America in partnership with Boston College.

EagleEyes is an innovative technology, developed at Boston College that enables learning and provides a language system for people with severe disabilities who are most often non-verbal and have been limited to a "Yes/No" method of communication. The technology allows a person to control a computer by moving their eyes as a replacement for a mouse control. While not a solution for everyone, the people who most benefit from this technology are those who may have severe cerebral palsy or those who have suffered a traumatic brain injury. In 2004, the Opportunity Foundation of America in Utah initiated a partnership with Boston College EagleEyes Project in order to make the product available to the public on a much larger scale.

Krissy was an EagleEyes user and student at the Boston College Campus school and upon turning 22 years old transferred to the Shore Educational Collaborative Wakefield adult program. The staff at Boston College felt it was important to donate a unit to Shore in order that Krissy and other individuals could benefit from the system. Professor James Gips of Boston College and creator of EagleEyes, Maureen Cates, director of the Project at BC Campus School, Debbie Inkley from The Opportunity Foundation of America, and Krissy will be part of the presentation. Shore Educational Collaborative will be represented by the Director of Adult Services, Jacki Clark and the many individuals and staff from the Wakefield Program.

Britt Allen OFOA volunteer

Britt Allen, volunteer
Opportunity Foundation of America