Shore Educational Collaborative

Curriculum Overview

Shore Pathways is an extended day College and Career Transition Program which assists students in meeting their high school graduation requirements and planning for post-secondary transition in an interactive learning environment. Each eight week intercession offers four subject domains, divided into specific curricula strands, meeting individual student needs:

  • Academics
    English/Language Arts, Math, Science, MCAS/SAT Preparation, Independent Study, Prerequisite or Skill Development, Credit Recovery and/or Acceleration
  • Communication
    Conflict Resolution, Global Mediation, Social Sciences, Interpersonal Communication, Social-Emotional Learning, and Enhancing Relationships
  • College, Career, and Community Exploration
    Post-secondary Transition Planning, Community Awareness, Self-Determination
  • Technology
    Digital Literacy, Skill Building, Portfolio Documents, Communication Nuances
  • Pathways: Interdisciplinary Thematic Units
    Each 8-week Shore Pathways Intersession will focus on weekly interdisciplinary thematic units that will integrate course and community-based learning that is individualized to meet student goals and transitional plans.
    • Networking / Relationship Building
    • 21st Century Skills
    • College and Career Readiness Skills
    • Self and Social Awareness
    • Cross-Cultural Relationships
    • Community-based Experiences
    • Friends and Family
    • Student Contributions & Hidden Talents

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