Shore Educational Collaborative

45-day Interim Placement

Program Description

Placement in the Interim Alternative Educational Setting (45 Day Program) is determined by the district. A Manifestation Determination should occur prior to placement within the program. An FBA is typically developed by the sending district. The Collaborative staff provides a final report incorporating strategies and recommendations for a successful return to a district program. Transition to the Alternative Middle, High or an elementary program is an option following completion of the 45 day placement. The curriculum is provided by the referring district. Staff is trained in CPI. One staff mental health clinician is assigned solely to this program.

Age Range:
Kindergarten up to grade 12
Months of Operation:
School Year

Admissions Procedure

Our admissions process for students begins with a referral from our member school districts. Please contact the Director of Special Education in your school district for more information about sending a student to Shore Educational Collaborative. Inquiries are also welcomed from non-member districts.


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