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Shore Educational Collaborative provides diverse educational programs for special needs students from 3 through 22 years of age. Our programs provide a comprehensive standards based curriculum, evidencing data driven decisions. Instructional techniques are student centered; demonstrate curriculum based assessment methods and incorporate differential instruction in order to provide access to the general curriculum.

Our programs serve students presenting with multiple and intensive medical needs, developmental delay, intellectual impairment, and autism as well as conduct, behavioral and social/emotional needs. In addition to these programs the Collaborative has an Interim Alternative Education Setting (45 day program) for students who have violated their sending districts student conduct policy.

The majority of our classrooms are located in the Collaborative’s public day school site, the Henry W. Owen School. This state-of-the-art facility houses twenty-three classrooms in addition to a full vocational kitchen, computer lab, library and half court gross motor area. In addition to the Owen School, Shore Educational Collaborative leases space from public school districts in order to operate six classrooms in community based programs.

The mission of Shore Educational Collaborative is to provide the highest quality education offering the student maximum opportunity to develop life skills, achieve academic goals and whenever possible to transition into a public school setting.


Believe in kids…
and they will believe in themselves Find their strengths…
and you will find your own

author unknown