Shore Educational Collaborative

Therapeutic Services

Comprehensive Support Services For Students

Shore Educational Collaborative provides comprehensive support services to students as well as their parents/guardians. Related services as specified in the studentsí Individualized Education Program are provided in the areas of speech language pathology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, counseling, nursing and home training. All related service providers participate in weekly team meetings with teaching staff in order to ensure that there is continuity between classroom, therapy and home skill development and demonstration.

Speech Language, Occupational and Physical Therapy

Speech language, occupational and physical therapy service providers conduct assessments of student strengths and weaknesses using standardized formal measures and informal checklists. Information from assessments and observation is detailed in annual goals and objectives along with the determination of an educational model of service delivery. A combination of a pull-out and in-class service delivery is used. Goals and objectives are developed in order to assist the student in accessing the curriculum. Consultation between teacher and therapist is provided in order to facilitate the development and use of skills in all settings and activities during the school day, within building and, whenever possible, during community experiences.

Clinical Services

Counseling is provided in individual and group sessions in order to foster relationships with students needed to facilitate the development of prosocial school and community behaviors. The clinicians are skilled in working with collateral agencies and individuals in order to address strengths and weaknesses by looking at the child within the family unit as a whole.

Nursing Services

Nursing services are provided according to the individual health care needs of students. Nurses conduct yearly vision, hearing and postural screenings, if students are able to participate, in accordance with Massachusetts regulations.

Home Training

Home Training is a service provided by Shore Educational Collaborative based on each student's IEP. The primary objective of home training services is to work with families of children with special needs to assist them in teaching their child important skills to improve daily life in the home. Areas such as self-care, functional communication, leisure, community outings and management of behavior are key skills in developing a positive and safe home environment. Home trainers work closely with school personnel in order to provide consistency between home and school.

Parent Group

Shore Educational Collaborative conducts monthly parent groups designed to discuss and problem-solve issues as well as share successes and resources relative to parenting children with special needs. The meetings are conducted in an open forum format and are scheduled in both the morning and late afternoon in order to accommodate the schedules of parents and guardians.


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