Shore Educational Collaborative

Adult Transition Program

Program Description

This program is designed for students who have completed grade 12 and are in a transition period between school and adult services programs. The focus is on providing a functional academic curriculum in conjunction with prevocational activities. The students run the biweekly Shore Side Café by planning the menu, shopping for and preparing lunch that is purchased by the Owen School staff. The students also work in the breakfast program as well as set up the school lunches for the students in the Owen School. Students enrolled in this program have access to assistive technology throughout their school day. Speech language, occupational and physical therapy services are provided in accordance with the IEP.

Age Range:
Post secondary up to age 22
Months of Operation:
School year plus extended year programming

Admissions Procedure

Our admissions process for students begins with a referral from our member school districts. Please contact the Director of Special Education in your school district for more information about sending a student to Shore Educational Collaborative. Inquiries are also welcomed from non-member districts.


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Woodrow T. Wilson